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A Complete Search Solution, Batteries Included

All the search and indexing features you will need end-to-end, integrated and packaged together to help you quickly and easily build the next generation of intelligent websites and applications.

Virtual Graph

Unlock relationships to reveal hidden data and watch search relevance skyrocket.

Voice Forms

Magic forms that populate themselves with easily configurable natural language semantics.

Functional Search

Simulate artificial intelligence (AI) with a query time decision making workflow using functional indexes.

Precise Search

Activate advanced filters from plain text queries and turn all users into experts.

Auto Correct

Fix spelling and user intent automatically to avoid missing search results.

Search Widgets

Rapidly build a modern search UI with a suite of integrated widgets ready to use.

Interpret Files

Index inside of files by extracting virtual fields with targeted inline parsing and transformation syntax.

Cloud Search

Hassle free, fully managed scalable cloud based search as a service (SaaS) offering.

Dynamic Relevance

Help users find the best results, with UI controls to blend relevance of competing tradeoffs in realtime.

Auto Indexing

Pump streams of data directly from your database with a few clicks.

Auto Cascade

Keep indexes in sync with a simple update API that cascades discreet changes to all relational dependencies.

Open Core

Work with best-of-breed scalable and battle hardened ElasticSearch™ stack.

Patent Pending

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