Unlock hidden value in data

Lumanetix can discover hidden value in relational data and accelerate solutions that help drive better decisions and efficient operations.

The key is in the approach

Using a unique and powerful search platform as the foundation for application development, Lumanetix is leading a step-­change within enterprise towards fast, accurate and lightweight real-­time intelligence solutions that extract more value from existing data.

Virtual Graph

Connect, unify and simplify the databases and be amazed how much business value can be unlocked.

Data Discovery

Allow non-­expert IT or business users to explore, discover and find valuable information from relational data.

Accelerate Development

Get a head start with a unique solution that is fast, accurate and flexible.

Open Core

Work with best-of-breed, scalable and battle hardened ElasticSearch indexes.

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Virtual Graph

Standard search misses valuable data stored in relationships. The Lumanetix search system develops a deep understanding of relational structures within your database and uses a virtual graph to manage all aspects of the search and indexing to fundamentally improve relevance and flexibility.

Standard search


graph search

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Our wizard manages the whole end-to-end data graph search setup process