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Dynamic Relevance

Users looking for things typically have to consider many dimensions of relevance beyond textual matches. These include price, date, popularity, distance or any other quantifiable data attribute, which we call competing tradeoffs. The Lumanetix search system can infer relevance and blending instructions from plain text or special queries and dynamically blend relevance across multiple competing trade-offs. This allows users to visually fine tune the search results in realtime and tailor relevance according to individual priority.

sort by importance

Patent Pending

Virtual Graph

Standard search misses valuable data stored in relationships. The Lumanetix search system develops a deep understanding of relational structures within your database and uses a virtual graph to manage all aspects of the search and indexing to fundamentally improve relevance and flexibility.

Standard search


graph search

Patent Pending

Our wizard manages the whole end-to-end data graph search setup process

Templates & Widgets

Unlike conventional search engines with a low level raw data API, the Lumanetix search system can also be implemented at the user interface level. Practically, that means we’ve done the hard work for you and packaged the best search widgets that are configurable and fully integrated with the search system. We’ve also packaged a database crawler and an admin app to manage the creation and high speed ingestion of search documents, and measure throughput and search performance. All that’s left for you to do is configure and design the view templates.

<input id="searchBox" type="text"/>
<div id="resultsBox"/>
    url: "http://hostname:18080",
    schemaId: "houses",
    autosearch: true,
    autocorrect: true,
    defaultQuery: "recent",
    resultsBoxSelector: "#resultsBox",
    demoQueries: ["Describe something…"]
AngularJS  (templates/houses.html)
  <span>{{houses.price |
Predefined Views  (template: "TABLE")
<div id="filterByType"/>
<div id="didYouMeanBox"/>
<div id="infoBox"/>
<div id="paginationBox"/>
    id: “filterByType”,
    field: "houses.type"
    populate: true,
Virtual Graph Configuration
Index Configuration

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